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Civil Systems, Inc. is a company of integrity partnering with government entities to streamline and automate outdated manual forms and processes.
Registration Services helps cities, towns and counties of all sizes protect citizens from disreputable vendors. Registration Services is an affordable solution for all population sizes. It provides a fully automated and customizable online system based on a standardized workflow and dashboard design. Registration Services is easy to use, providing 24/7 user access and robust online reporting.

Please contact us to learn more about how Registration Services can protect your community.

registration [rej-uh-strey-shuh n]


  1. The act of registering.
  2. An entry in a register.
  3. An official act of registering one’s name or business on a list of qualified contractors to do business within the city limits.
  4. A certificate attesting to the fact that someone or something has been registered.

Registration in a city grants a person or business permission to perform work within the city limits. Example: A state licensed electrician which installs or repairs electrical in residential homes.

Local business license

-Origin: Cities, towns, and other governing entities ensuring their citizens are protected from disreputable vendors. This process should include validation of appropriate state license, insurance, and current contact information.

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